- Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known -Oscar Wilde-





"I'm an Art object, created every day."

I'm Creator & I'm Creature.



Welcome everyone on my web-site!

About me:

I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia

-Finished  St.Petersburg University

of Culture & Arts

-Finished  a music  school, piano class

-Learned Swedish language in Stockholm University


I love life in all its forms & displays

-the creative process,

-self-fulfilling in different ways - one of them is photography.


-Create different images for my Model Portfolio 


-Work about my singer project & my clothes collection

-I make a lot of photos, as a photographer

-Like Travelling.


So you can walk here around my site.



Also I have my Art-Media Agency in St.Petersburg. If you are interested, you can go follow the link.






Also You can go by links & see my Photo Albums in FB & VK & my You Tube Channel.



Bright Albums in VK



Model & artistic imagies



MyPortfoliotps://vk.com/album426289_23550 https://vk.com/alex.sandra.portfolio